Precision Printing in Fingerprint Recognition and Other Applications

Precision designed uniform coating technology is applied to various coating applications in electronic and biomedical industries.
We can meet the requirements of customers through various functional products, with good scratch resistance, wear and tear endurance, high levels of transparency, hardness, uniformity, flatness, and anti-smudge ability... or other specifications required by customers.

Tissue Staining by Digital Printing

Using digital printing technology allows targeting only the desired area for tissue staining, saving the cost of expensive Bio-reagents. It does not only control the usage of reagents more accurately, but also reduce the used amount of wash buffer, and replacement frequency of various reagents, showing its environmental friendly approach.
All this is combined with equipment development and integration capabilities to achieve automation. We provide solutions for saving time and resources, and achieve higher accuracy in the interpretation of bio-testing results as our customers require.

Bio-detection by Digital Printing

Using digital printing optimizes the process of setting testing reagents on test strips, by allowing the solution to be placed on the test strip more uniformly and flattened than the original process.
It also provides a method that allows precise integration of multiple detection reagents on the same test strip for multiple functional testing at one time.

Micro LED Ink Development

Digital printing technology in combination with newly developed Quantum Dot Ink, enables the development of high-precision equipment for inkjet LED printing and potential mass production applications. This can simplify the numerous traditional processes for photomask making, and greatly improve material utilization rate.
Reducing material and energy waste in these processes raises Micro LED technology to quickly reach interest as a mass-production solution for the semiconductor industry.

Microstructure Inkjet Technology

Inkjet technology allows matching special structural designs with special optical function inks to meet the need of specific local dimming applications by customers in the display industry.
This not only improves the contrast efficiency of LED panels, but also enables a more accurate and reliable control of LED backlight modules.

Light Expansion Layer by Digital printing Ink

We develop functional inks and printing equipments as complete solution that incorporates into the customer's existing processes, to achieve the uniform light function required by the display industry.