Elite Team of R & D Professionals

Jetbest Corporation since its formation in 2004 has devoted to the R & D and manufacture of inkjet printing products.

Our purpose and beliefs are to “Create a Future by means of Research and Development”. We recruit professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the industry of manufacture of inkjet printing supplies and equipments. Our R & D team accounts for up to 20% of our whole staff. We not only take quick hold of industry’s trends, but also renew our products value by adapting to the latest technologies and launching new inkjet-related products.

High Quality Assurance

Jetbest possess state-of-the-art high-precision analytical instruments and high-efficiency manufacture equipments to keep up with the market’s requirement of stable production and accurate quality monitoring. Inks are manufactured in clean rooms under an environment with constant temperature and humidity. In addition, automatic equipments are employed during the entire ink production process and packing to ensure the quality of the final product.

Our production technicians are constantly trained with an all-inclusive on-the-job approach and strict S.O.P. abidance, which is carried with professionalism during regular production. Our production management system impeccably meets all quality and stability standards set by the ISO 9001 certification. Jetbest sole aim is to provide services to our customers with a sincere and responsible attitude.

Focus on All-inclusive Customer Service

Our products are being distributed throughout the world in over 80 countries. Customers have always been our focus so we provide them with all-inclusive service with total solutions. We already have a wide portfolio of inks, but we also devote to actively develop much specialized and functional inkjet inks in a complete range of colors, which further increases value and demand for our products. This approach creates an all-inclusive portfolio of products with high economic value and benefits to our customers.

Respect for the Ecology by Environmental Protection

Respecting the Earth’s ecology is the utmost core value for R & D at Jetbest. We make every effort to ensure that during every link of the development and manufacturing process our products do not contain dangerous materials that could harm people or the environment. Taking for example our latest product “Latex ink”, its eco-friendly formula is VOCs free, strikes a perfect balance between our product aims and our environmental protection approach.
Every product from Jetbest is designed from the perspective of caring about the natural environment, while we continue the search for new technologies to create even greener and economic products.

Our Care and Feedback for the Society and Humanity

Jetbest duly fulfills its social responsibilities with a grateful mind. We devote a constant amount of funds, goods and materials to sponsoring the disadvantaged minority, public interest groups as well as activities that can promote the development of society and humanity. Our belief and calling is “what’s taken from the society should be used for the society”. We care about our fellow human beings and our society by taking realistic actions.
We expect that Jetbest can extend care to all levels of society, and then contribute to the global environment.

Company Introduction of Jetbest Corporation