Textile Ink - Direct to Film Printing (DTF)


Direct to Film (DTF) technology relays on the use of a hot-melt adhesive powder as the binding medium between the colored pigments of the image and the substrate being printed, often fabrics.
The image is printed on a transfer film, and the hot-melt adhesive powder spread on top of it, then transferred to the fabric is done by hot pressing. Providing a simplified easy-to-use solution, without cutting and picking the images. Results in a finished product that has both good stretch resistance and good color fastness. Images have long lasting stability on the fabric, which can be maintained by avoiding exposure to very high temperatures.


  • Affordable prices
  • Bright and vivid colors、high opacity in white ink
  • Compatible with wide variety printing materials
  • Good stretch resistance and color fastness

Compatible Print Head Model

Head Type Head Model
EPSON DX4 / DX5 / DX7 /
I1600 / I3200 / XP600 / TX800

DTF colors available