Wide Format Ink - Eco solvent pigment ink


Eco solvent inks have vivid colors and compliant with RoHS, and GBL (γ-Butyrolactone) free, non-polluting, low odor, and environmentally friendly.
Eco solvent pigment is formulated to provide excellent scratch resistance and light resistance, and could be apply on most polymeric material without special coating. Outdoor advertising signs, self-adhesive stickers, car advertising materials, and related supplies are common applications for Eco solvent pigment.


  • High printing speed and fast drying
  • Excellent crocking resistance, water resistance and light fastness
  • Sharp printing quality
  • Wide color gamut and Bright and vivid colors
  • Slight odor
  • Safe substance for all raw materials
  • Greenguard Gold UL2818 certified

Eco solvent pigment ink colors available

Light Cyan
Light Magenta
Light Black
LL Black
Light Yellow

Compatible Print Head Model

Head Type Head Model
EPSON DX4 / DX5 / DX7 /
I1600 /I3200 / XP600 / TX800
Ricoh Gen4 / Gen5 / GH2220
Konica KM512 / 512i / 1024 / 1024i
Dimatix Galaxy-Series / Sapphire-Series
Nova-Series / Emerald-Series
Polaris-Series / StarFire-Series
Panasonic UH-HA800-Series
Seiko 508GS / SPT510 / SPT1020