Textile Ink - Reactive Dye


Reactive dye has vivid color, and is suitable for the home clothing and household items. Since reactive dye need post washing and post heating treatment, the washing fastness is outstanding.

For textile digital printing

  • Designed for cotton, silk & wool digital textile printing
  • Excellent compatibility with Piezo printing heads
  • Consistent ink quality & reliable ink stability
  • Excellent color fastness and brilliancy

Reliable advantages

  • Stable and consistent ink formulation
  • Excellent ink jetting performance
  • Based on standard reactive dyes uses in textile
  • Capable of high speed printing mode
  • Covers the full reactive textile printing gamut
  • Excellent color fastness and brilliancy

Reactive Dye colors available

Light Cyan
Light Magenta

Product Model

Printer Printer Model
Roland RA-Series / RS-Series / FH-Series / FJ-Series / FP-Series / XF-Series / RE-Series / RF-Series / VS-Series
Mimaki JV2-Series / JV33-Series / JV4-Series / JV300-Series / JV150-Series TS-Series / JV22-Series / JV34-Series / JV5-Series / TX-Series / CJV150-Series / CJV300-Series / TS300P-1800
Epson All Series
Mutoh ValueJet 900 / 1204W / 1604W / 1304W ValueJet 1618W / 1624W / 1638W / 1628TD / 2628TD
Head Type Head Model
EPSON DX4 / DX5 / DX6 / DX7
Ricoh Gen4 / Gen5 / GH2220
Konica Water Based head
Dimatix Water Based head
Kyocera KJ4B
Panasonic UH-HA800-Series